Child/Teen & Family Counseling

Counseling is often thought of as necessary for
adults facing difficult issues and decisions in their
lives, but overlooked as helpful and essential to the
well being and growth of our youth.

The fact is that our children are often the most
affected by our decisions and can benefit greatly
from child counseling.  Even children as young as 3
years old have shown tremendous growth through
play therapy, a developmentally appropriate method
of counseling that allows children to explore their
emotions through play.

Teens also may need a professional counselor at
times to guide them through family issues and other
difficult problems facing teens today.  Anxiety,
depression, peer pressure, low self worth, and
many other issues are commonplace in today's

Parenting is not easy.  Clients often come to me
with feelings of frustration and helplessness as their
children run out-of-control.  Don't worry, you are not
alone and there are parenting techniques and
principles that may be able to help.  As a mother of
two, I understand the difficulties and struggles we all
face as parents.
"a safe place for deep listening, honesty, respect, and compassion is the foundation for healing..."
-Sommer A. Seitz, MA, LMHC

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